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Failed Your Driving Test in Crawley?

High Failures Reported

Why is the failure rate so high, you might well ask?
Driving Standards Agency has published a list giving the top ten reasons for the Practical Test failures reigate, and not surprisingly, every manoeuvre features on this list. However, the majority of candidates who fail do so because of  lack of planning. You may be physically able to drive to a high standard, but this is not near enough to guarantee a driving test pass.

Failing Through Nerves

Being able to drive is one thing, you have to have an awareness of what’s happening around you, and to act appropriately. However, this is where the problems usually arise during the driving test, because nerves play such a large part on how you are able to perform on the day of your test. So many people say after their test: ‘but I never do that normally!’ Which is usually the case.

Facts Behind Failures

A recent survey showed that over half of the people questioned thought that they would fail their test because of ‘doing something silly’ on the day that they wouldn’t normally do on a driving lesson. Furthermore, ninety percent believed that their negative thoughts and resulting nerves would have an impact on their driving test results. Everyone is different so confidence is KEY!

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Driver Observation

Observation at junctions – ineffective observation and judgement was one of the highest reported driving test failures in the UK. When asking driving students in reigate who were perfectly capable to drive why they failed on observation and judgement they explained they were too nervous and over concentrated on passing the test rather than enjoying the experience of completing the test.

Reverse Parking

Reverse parking reigate – ineffective observation or lack of accuracy is considered to be the second highest reason for failing your driving test in reigate. Again the student is more than capable in completing this simple task and no doubt has done so time and time again, but unfortunately the dreaded nervousness of the individual coupled with the strong desire to pass the driving test causes them to fail.

Use of Mirrors

Use of mirrors – not checking or not acting on the information seen in the rear view mirror. It’s fair to say that mirrors are the eyes and ears of the car when needing to know what actions to take BEFORE taking them. All too often pupils can quickly forget to focus on whats behind them prior to braking or pulling out when under pressure through an examination. Not because they don’t know!

Moving Away

Moving away – ineffective observation or control when moving away. This has to be one of the simplest tasks to accomplish and usually the first manoeuvre you will learn when learning to drive with any driving instructor reigate. Again the main reason we fail such a simple task is due to nervousness as a result of being inexperienced or not knowing what to expect on the day of your test.

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How to pass your driving test

The easiest way to pass your driving test Crawley: Prepare!
It’s test day and all eyes are on you and what you do in the next 40 minutes as you take your driving test with the driving examiner sat beside you, precariously making notes on your ability to safely drive our car through the streets of Crawley!

  • Get more experience! You take your lessons with our Driving Instructor, this is great as it is what you need as a learner driver to teach you essential skills in how to operate the vehicle. It is often very helpful to also get extra tuition from parents or relatives if possible.
  • Get to know your likely test routes! Driving Examiners are expected to follow one of several routes local to your test centre. These routes are often known by your Driving Instructor.
  • Practice your manoeuvres as often as you can! Practicing your manoeuvres as often as you can will help you feel more comfortable when doing them in the test.
  • Revisit your theory! By going over your theory questions after you have completed your theory test Crawley.
  • Get to know the vehicle! By lifting the bonnet and having a quick look at the real mechanics of the vehicle you’ve been driving.
  • Eat before your test! A common human element of panic is to not eat. By not eating you just magnify your stress levels and push the panic levels through the roof.
  • Speak up! So you’re driving along and the Driving Examiner asks you to do something, and you don’t quite hear him or her… Ask what was said, don’t shut up and try to guess the instruction.
  • You are not the Examiner! Whatever you think about your driving on the day, you must remember that the examiner has the final say.
  • Top Ten reasons for Driving Test failure

    Here are the Top Ten reasons for Driving Test failure according to Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

    Take a few moments to look through the list below and note which ones applied to you. You may find it useful to think back to your driving lessons and ask yourself which driving skills your driving instructor needs to keep practicing with you. When you have done this, you will have an accurate idea as to where your strengths and weaknesses lie and, if you haven’t done so already, you can then use the relevant exercises and techniques to help you.

    Observation at junctions – ineffective observation and judgement
    Reverse parking – ineffective observation or lack of accuracy
    Use of mirrors – not checking or not acting on the information
    Moving away – ineffective observation or control when moving away
    Use of signals – not given, not cancelled or misleading signals
    Incorrect positioning – at roundabouts, lanes and bends
    Reversing around a corner – ineffective observation or lack of accuracy
    Lack of steering control – steering too early or leaving it too late
    Turn round in road – ineffective observation or lack of accuracy
    Inappropriate speed – travelling too slowly

    It could well be that your previous driving instructor put you through your driving test before you were really ready, or perhaps you felt you were ready and insisted on taking your driving test! Well only you will know the true answer to that.

    What we do know is that most students fail through doing something silly that they would never normally do due to nervs so we focus on dealing with those nerves through several methods of practice and preparation with things like the Driving Mock Test reigate, working on weaknesses and making them strengths. Not telling family about your test so theres NO pressure to pass first time!

    These techniques and many others have been learned by us over the many years we have been teaching student to drive in reigate, as we said before everyone is different but our expert training enables us to fully understand how best to train you so that you pass your driving test with ease and enjoy doing so.

    • Driving Lessons Crawley

      We offer Driving Lessons Crawley for the complete novice and those who already have experience behind them. Rest assured we know just how to get you through your driving test first time.

    • Guaranteed Pass Courses Crawley

      We aim to give everyone complete peace of mind with the value for money Guaranteed Pass Course in Crawley. Our aim is to get you through your test FIRST time otherwise we will pay the price. Now that’s confidence for you.

    • Intensive Driving Courses Crawley

      We understand that everyone wants to pass the driving test as quickly as possible, with our intensive driving lesson in Crawley we can cater for any level of experience and get you though your test very quickly.

    • Refresher Driving Lessons Crawley

      There are many reasons for needing refresher driving lessons for example, lost confidence, nervous parking or perhaps you lost your licence due to a ban. Our Refresher Driving Lessons in Crawley will give yo the confidence in no time.

    • Theory Test Training Crawley

      Almost all students worry about the driving theory test which is natural, but no need to worry as our experienced driving instructors will offer you Theory Test Training in Crawley to help ensure you pass. We also offer a free theory test app.

    • Pass Plus Course Crawley

      The Pass Plus Course in Crawley is subsidised by the local Council in support of road safety. When applying you can be given a voucher for up to £100.00 subject to available funding. There’s no examination to complete and the course will provide cheaper insurance for participating insurance companies.

    For more information and free no obligation chat with a driving instructor, please contact us here.

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