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Guaranteed Pass Course Crawley

Choosing the right driving course for you

Guaranteed Pass Course

So your thinking about taking a Guaranteed Pass Course in Crawley with Peter Chappell School of Motoring. Are you worried about the overall cost of learning to drive in Crawley? Perhaps you have already had lessons and don’t feel you have made any progress! Whatever the reason is we offer a guaranteed pass driving course in Crawley and surrounding area’s. Simply make one agreed payment and that’s all you will pay until you pass your driving test!

Benefits of the course

Over the years we have listened to our students explaining how the cost of driving lessons can be expensive especially for those who are less confident with themselves. At Peter chappell School of Motoring we believe our courses make a difference for all kinds of reasons. Our Guaranteed Pass Course is ideal for any student whether your a complete novice or have 20 hours plus experience. After an initial lesson we can agree a course to suit you.

What you get from the course

Having had many years’ experience as a fully qualified driving instructor we have listened carefully to our students to understand their individual needs. One of the most common questions ever asked is “How many lessons will it take before I get to test standard?”

This is the question on everyone’s mind and many of which often wonder exactly how much it will cost!!! a daunting thought for those individuals, however we have put together this deal to take away any doubts. We are so confident in our experience and expertise that this deal will undoubtedly prove to be the best deal any driving school could give. So here’s what you get:

  1. Unlimited Driving Lessons until your PASS.
  2. First Theory Test Fee Paid by US.
  3. Theory Test Booked 6 weeks after starting.
  4. First Practical Driving test fee paid by US.
  5. Full support with Theory Test Training.
  6. Drivers Record updated after every lesson.
  7. Free Theory Test Driving App.
  8. Free Refresher Lesson up to two years after passing your driving test if required.

Guaranteed Pass Course Terms & Conditions

All Guarantee Pass courses are accepted on the understanding that the pupil/student has read and fully understood with acceptance our terms and conditions. This is highly stated and clearly visible on our website. Also that you will pass the eyesight test at the beginning of your first driving lesson. The contract will need to be signed by a parent or guardian, if they are under 18 years of age.

Payment in full is required at the beginning of the course. If a pupil/student decides to cancel the course, for whatever reason, then no refunds will be given. The course must only be completed with Peter Chappell School of Motoring.

Lessons must be taken continuously at the prescribed rate of 1 x 2 hours per week – except with the agreement of the driving Instructor for any specific reasons for example – Holidays / Examinations / Illness etc.

Your progress will be recorded at the end of your driving lessons, so you will always know how well you are doing.

Responsibility for preparation for the Theory Test is entirely that of the pupil/student – however help and advice is available from your Instructor (Please Ask). Peter Chappell School of Motoring will pay for the first Theory Test fee. It is then expected that you pass your theory test within 10 weeks from starting your Guarantee Pass Course Crawley. Your first Theory Test Crawley will be booked to take place 6 weeks from the date you enrolled on your driving course – (Mid week).  If your Instructor feels that you are not fulfilling your part of the agreement, in passing your theory test, then your instructor has the right to cancel the booked course. No refund will be given, although every assistance will be given to allow you to pass your theory test and all advice will be given to ensure we have done all we can to help you.

Peter Chappell School of Motoring will pay for your first Practical Driving test fee, and will book your driving test when we feel you are at the driving test standard that will gain you a PASS. (Mock Tests will be given in order to help us evaluate your readiness for the Driving Test) – Driving Tests booked direct by the student/pupil, will not be refunded and no refund of Course fees will be given.

The responsibility to be able to complete and pass the Eyesight Test at the start of the Practical Driving Test is that of the pupil/student. If this is failed, then Peter Chappell School of Motoring will cancel your Guarantee Pass Course – No refunds will be given.

It is the responsibility of the pupil/student to attend each lesson in suitable clothing, in a legal fit state and on time. 24 hours notice is required to change an appointed lesson.

If for whatever reason, the pupil/student has their Provisional licence withdrawn then the course will be cancelled without refund.

If the Instructor believes that the pupil/student is not preparing adequately for any aspect of the course – he will have the right to terminate the Course without refund. In each case such concerns will be made clear, in advance and with due warning (in writing). These warnings will be shared with the parent/guardian where appropriate and a maximum of three warnings will be given.

A professional approach is demanded from the pupil and no abusive behavior towards the Instructor will be tolerated; if such behavior occurs – the course will be terminated without refund.

It is the pupils responsibility to ensure they bring all relevant paperwork for the Practical and driving tests. For the Theory Test; Both parts of the Licence (Paper + Photo Card) as well as Appointment letter. For the Practical Test; Both parts of the Licence (Paper + Photo Card) as well as the Theory test Certificate and Appointment letter / email.

If you can’t produce the vital license documentation, then Peter Chappell School of Motoring will terminate the Guarantee Pass Course with no refund.

Peter Chappell School of Motoring would have fulfilled its commitment to you, under this agreement, upon you passing your driving test.


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  • Pass Plus Course Crawley

    The Pass Plus Course in Crawley is subsidised by the local Council in support of road safety. When applying you can be given a voucher for up to £100.00 subject to available funding. There’s no examination to complete and the course will provide cheaper insurance for participating insurance companies.

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