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Hazard Perception Test Crawley

About Hazard Perception Test

The Hazard Perception Test is the second part of the UK theory test. The DVSA theory test is a mandatory test which all UK learner drivers must pass to be able to obtain a full driving licence. The test includes multiple choice questions but also the hazard perception test video clips.

After The Theory Questions

Once you have completed the theory questions, you will be able to take a short break, before the start of the hazard perception test. First you will be shown a short tutorial about how the test works. You will then be shown 14 clips, which will depict various everyday road situations.

React at the Right time

In each clip of the hazard perception video’s their will be a minimum of one developing hazard (15 in total ), but one of the clips will have two developing hazards. To achieve a high score you will need to respond to the developing hazard during the earlier part of its development.

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Practice Theory test Part 2

About Hazard Perception Test reigate

The maximum score you can achieve on each hazard is 5. To achieve a high score you must click your mouse in the early stages of a hazard developing. The maximum score available for each hazard is five. It should be noted that if you react inappropriately, during the video clip by clicking your mouse continuously, or in a pattern, you will score zero. At the end of that particular clip the computer will inform you that you have scored zero points..

The pass mark for the hazard perception test is currently 44 out of a possible 75. Once you have finished the test there is the opportunity to complete a short survey, but you will not be able to view any of the clips again (only one chance – as with driving). Once you have left the test room, you will not be allowed to re-enter. Test centre staff will then, shortly provide you with your test results. Remember you must pass both parts of the test to pass your theory test. As with the theory test, I can provide training, if required.

When can I do the Hazard Perception Test?

The Hazard Perception Test will be taken at the same time as the theory test.
The theory test is made up of two parts, or elements. The multiple-choice element is exactly the same as the current theory test. You will select your answers to questions by touching the screen. You have the opportunity to practice using the system before starting the multiple-choice element. After the multiple-choice element, you may have a break of up to 3 minutes before the hazard perception element starts. The hazard perception element will consist of 14 video clips, which will feature real road scenes and developing hazards of various types such as vehicles and pedestrians. There are a total of 15 scoreable hazards in the test. Thirteen clips will contain one scoreable hazard and one clip will contain two scoreable hazards. Each scoreable hazard has a marking window and a score is awarded when you respond in that window. The earlier the developing hazard is identified and a response is made the higher the score. You won’t score any points if you respond outside the window.
You will be shown a short tutorial video about how the hazard perception element works before you start that part of the test.
Remember you must pass both elements to pass your theory test.

Why have we got a hazard perception test?

Improved hazard perception skills are expected to play an important part in achieving the Government’s challenging casualty reduction targets.
Young drivers (17-21) make up only 7% of all licence holders yet they are involved in up to one in seven accidents involving injury. The accident liability of new drivers drops sharply over the first 12 months or so after passing the test and continues to fall as more experience is gained.

How does the Hazard Perception Test work?

You will be shown a number of moving video clips filmed from a car. Each clip will contain one or more developing hazards. You will be asked to indicate as soon as they see a hazard developing which may result in the driver taking some action, such as changing speed or direction. The sooner a response is made the higher the score but responding too quickly can have a negative impact.

How will the test be scored?

There will be 14 different moving scenes on the Hazard Perception test screen. The scenes will have one hazard to identify and one scene will have 2 hazards to identify. You will not be told which clip this is. The 14 scenes will be taken from a bank of 200. You will have to identify the moving hazard by clicking a mouse. For example, a car pulling out in front of you, as quickly as possible. You will be given a ‘window of time’ in which to spot the hazard. The score will depend on how soon you identify the hazard – the longer they take, the lower their score. You will score a zero mark if you either click too late, or repeatedly.

What’s the score to pass the test?

Different pass marks are being set for the different categories of test.
Currently the pass marks are:-

Car and Motorcycle
Current pass mark – 44 out of 75

Current pass mark- 67 out of 100

ADI and LGV Register
Current pass mark – 57 out of 75

The hazard perception pass marks may be subject to further change.

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