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Intensive Driving Course Crawley

Intensive Courses Crawley

Thinking about an Intensive Driving Course Crawley or Surrounding areas? Intensive driving courses are a fantastic way to gain your driving licence when you need to be on the road, perhaps you have a job lined up or a promotion at work, whatever the reason we have a course to suit any level of experience.

Semi Intensive Crawley

Semi Intensive Driving Courses in Crawley are definitely a preferred method of training for the complete novice with no experience of driving, but really wish to pass the driving test as quickly as possible. This involves 2 to 4 hours lessons per day or week to suit the individual in order to soak up the information at a steady but fast pace.

Fast Track Lessons Crawley

Fast Track Driving Lessons is another way of gaining your driving licence quickly through strategic planning. We do not class this as an intensive driving course as we usually aim to get you through the test within 3 months of starting. This obviously depends on how many hours you already have if any at the time of starting.

Here are some intensive courses in Crawley

20 Hours Intensive Driving
30 Hours Intensive Driving
40 Hours Intensive Driving

First Class Service

We are a professional fast growing driving school in Crawley with specialist’s intensive driving instructors on hand to help you to pass your driving test first time and we will arrange everything for you from that first phone call, booking your theory test, driving course and practical test date.

Local Instructors

Our intensive driving courses in Crawley are run by driving instructors local to the chosen test centre, so not only do they have the skills to offer you the very best chance of passing, but can give you some local knowledge on the driving test routes.

1 to 1 Tuition

Each intensive driving course in Crawley can be run over consecutive days – or they can be split if you choose to include a theory test with your course. All of our driving crash courses are run 1 to 1 with just you and the driving instructor in the car at any time.

Special Requirements

If you have any special requirements or prior knowledge let our staff know when booking your intensive driving courses and they will be able to factor this in. If you have ADHD, Dyslexia or Dyspraxia please make our staff aware of this when booking

Why not take a look at the Driver Education page for videos and links to learning materials

Which Intensive Course?

We have put together courses to suit all levels of experience. No matter how many lessons you have had or how long ago or if any for that matter. Simply speak to one of our qualified Instructors for more information to find out what best suits you. We always advise a two hour assessment lesson currently on special offer so our instructors can assess your experience and ability to drive. This will help us give you a better indication of how long it will take to get you to test standards.

Intensive driving courses Crawley are designed for anyone wanting to learn to drive but does not want to take up to a year to do it.

It is possible with the correct tuition, to learn to drive in as little as a week.
To make an intensive driving course Crawley work to it’s full, it is important that you have first passed your theory test, as we cannot book your practical test until this has been passed. To book your theory test please visit our Theory Test page or we can book the theory test for you. Intensive driving courses range from semi-intensive to intensive. To gauge how many hours you will need, we would suggest a 2 hour assessment driving lesson, this will help us know where we are starting from and give us an idea of how easily you pick it up. Below is a guide for you to work on.

10 Hours Intensive Driving
20 Hours Intensive Driving
30 Hours Intensive Driving
40 Hours Intensive Driving

10 Hour Course

The 10 Hour Intensive Driving Course is ideal for those individuals who have recently failed a driving test, or are at / near driving test standards.

Before taking a course it is advised to have an assessment lesson first.

20 Hour Course

This Course is great for those individuals who have driven before, and have been picking things up quickly.

You may have already taken 20 lessons either private or with a qualified driving instructor previously.

30 Hour Course

This Course is ideal for those individuals who have driven before but are in the early stages or learning to drive.

An assessment lesson is recommended prior to choosing an intensive Driving Course.

40 Hour Course

The 40 Hours Intensive Driving Course is available for all individuals that are complete novices and have never driven a vehicle before.

Because you have never driven before you will not need an assessment driving lesson as 40 hours is the advised minimum amount of driving lessons needed to get to test standards.

  • Driving Lessons Crawley

    We offer Driving Lessons Crawley for the complete novice and those who already have experience behind them. Rest assured we know just how to get you through your driving test first time.

  • Guaranteed Pass Courses Crawley

    We aim to give everyone complete peace of mind with the value for money Guaranteed Pass Course in Crawley. Our aim is to get you through your test FIRST time otherwise we will pay the price. Now that’s confidence for you.

  • Intensive Driving Courses Crawley

    We understand that everyone wants to pass the driving test as quickly as possible, with our intensive driving lesson in Crawley we can cater for any level of experience and get you though your test very quickly.

  • Refresher Driving Lessons Crawley

    There are many reasons for needing refresher driving lessons for example, lost confidence, nervous parking or perhaps you lost your licence due to a ban. Our Refresher Driving Lessons in Crawley will give yo the confidence in no time.

  • Theory Test Training Crawley

    Almost all students worry about the driving theory test which is natural, but no need to worry as our experienced driving instructors will offer you Theory Test Training in Crawley to help ensure you pass. We also offer a free theory test app.

  • Pass Plus Course Crawley

    The Pass Plus Course in Crawley is subsidised by the local Council in support of road safety. When applying you can be given a voucher for up to £100.00 subject to available funding. There’s no examination to complete and the course will provide cheaper insurance for participating insurance companies.

For more information and free no obligation chat with a driving instructor, please contact us here.

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