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Nervous Drivers Crawley

You may be unsure and the thought of getting behind the wheel of a car driving is a big worry, but you really do want to learn to drive and pass your driving test. Well the good news is we specialise in helping nervous learner drivers just like you and have done for many years. We always work at your pace, not ours. Its never an inconvenience to keep going over the same thing. We are happy to spend as much time as you wan’t getting you to become a confident driver no matter how long that takes.

Lacking Confidence

We specialise in helping both full licence holders and learner drivers to overcome their driving nerves and become more confident in their driving.  There are numerous reasons why people become nervous drivers, but be reassured that you will be able to drive, if that is what you truly want.  Motivation plays a big part, whether it is taking that first step to book a driving lesson or actually getting in the car and sitting in the driver’s seat. We guarantee to overcome those nerves.

First Driving Lesson

The first driving lessons often make learners nervous as they don’t know what to expect. On most occasions however, it’s worth knowing that the first driving lesson goes very well and the learner is always very happy and extremely impressed with themselves at the end of the lesson. We aim to ensure your confidence is growing with every lesson you undertake with Peter Chappell School of Motoring. Whatever nerves or confidence issues you may have, rest assured we will beat them.

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Confidence & Driving

Being a confident driver is important to being a SAFE driver, but this has to be well balanced. Lacking in confidence, as well as being over-confident can be dangerous to any driver and all other road users. Giving learner drivers confidence is a tough task, especially when you are just starting out for the first time. We have the patience and always remember what it was like to be in YOUR position.

Your First Lesson

We will start slowly and won’t inundate you with every possible, rule, regulation and practical skill from the moment you get behind the wheel. We will take small steps, calmly explaining each safety aspect and involve them in the lesson. Don’t worry, we will sit you in the car and ensure you understand all of the controls and give you the confidence to set off on your first driving lesson.

Assisting Confidence

It’s a great idea to read about road rules and general driving before you get into a car, this will greatly assist with your confidence. Taking small steps will help you start to feel comfortable in our presence and in the car. We will show you how everything works before you move off and let you play with the controls while the vehicle is stationary.

Strengths & Weakness

The most important part of teaching you to drive is listening to what you say to our reactions and interaction. We will gauge your confidence levels and work within them. If you need to practice in an empty car park or back road for some time before heading out on an actual road, then that’s what we will do until we feel you are ready for the main roads.

Why not take a look at the Driver Education page for videos and links to learning materials

Advice for the driving test

1. Don’t rush. Get as much practice as you can and apply for your test when you feel confident that you are safe.
2. Book the first driving test of the day. If you take your test early in the morning you will have less time to worry about it.
3. Don’t tell your friends the test date. If everyone knows you are going for the test, you create stress of trying to live up to your friends expectations.
6. Go to the right test centre. Book your test within the area you learned to drive.
7. In your last two lessons. Ask your instructor to concentrate on the manoeuvres you find the most difficult.
8. Do a practice run. We use the term ‘Mock Test’. The instructor should be very realistic and the student must take it seriously.
9. Practice in your head It’s been proven that you can improve your ability to perform coordinated tasks by imagining doing them.
10. Examiners are only human. Your test is one of possibly nine on the examiners list that day. Don’t try to please him/her.
11.You do not need to be perfect. Concentrate on the essentials. If you make a mistake, keep calm and concentrate on your driving.
12. Don’t worry about silence in the car. The examiner knows your nervous so silence gives you the best chance for concentration.
13. You will pass. Both instructor and pupil must be convinced that the result will be a pass. Positive thinking promotes confidence.
14. Don’t take pills to calm your nerves. This only slows your reaction and performance.
15. Get a good night’s sleep before the test.

Top Ten reasons for Driving Test failure

Control Comes from Conversation

Your instructor will use regular voice commands. We always explain things and ask things, but not in a confrontational or testing manner. We will have conversations to make you feel more at ease and won’t grill you if you make a mistake as that’s what learning is all about, only this will be in a controlled, safe way.

Concluding Your Lessons

After the lesson has finished, we will have a chat with you and go back over what happened whilst you were out driving. We will cover the positives and negatives of the lesson, but not in a derogatory way. We will always be tactful and friendly, this will put you at complete ease and will always aid your confidence. We will set your goals for next time and highlight all positive outcomes. Your drivers record will be updated with your experiences gained and an understanding of where you are and what you need to learn to be at test standard throughout your driving lessons.

Having Fun Learning To Drive

Learning does not need to be a stressful time, getting your driving licence should be one of the most memorable moments to share with family and friends for years to come. Which is why we wan’t your memories to be about how much fun you had learning to drive.

Happy drivers learn faster!

Let us help you get your driving licence FIRST time.

  • Driving Lessons Crawley

    We offer Driving Lessons Crawley for the complete novice and those who already have experience behind them. Rest assured we know just how to get you through your driving test first time.

  • Guaranteed Pass Courses Crawley

    We aim to give everyone complete peace of mind with the value for money Guaranteed Pass Course in Crawley. Our aim is to get you through your test FIRST time otherwise we will pay the price. Now that’s confidence for you.

  • Intensive Driving Courses Crawley

    We understand that everyone wants to pass the driving test as quickly as possible, with our intensive driving lesson in Crawley we can cater for any level of experience and get you though your test very quickly.

  • Refresher Driving Lessons Crawley

    There are many reasons for needing refresher driving lessons for example, lost confidence, nervous parking or perhaps you lost your licence due to a ban. Our Refresher Driving Lessons in Crawley will give yo the confidence in no time.

  • Theory Test Training Crawley

    Almost all students worry about the driving theory test which is natural, but no need to worry as our experienced driving instructors will offer you Theory Test Training in Crawley to help ensure you pass. We also offer a free theory test app.

  • Pass Plus Course Crawley

    The Pass Plus Course in Crawley is subsidised by the local Council in support of road safety. When applying you can be given a voucher for up to £100.00 subject to available funding. There’s no examination to complete and the course will provide cheaper insurance for participating insurance companies.

For more information and free no obligation chat with a driving instructor, please contact us here.

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